Pacific Edge is not a safe place for small children. This is not a Playground. Primarily we are a climbing gym oriented towards people over the age of 11, with some exceptions. Taking children into the climbing areas is dangerous and can cause a hazardous situation for both the child and other climbers. If you bring children to Pacific Edge, please be extremely careful, and observe the following rules.

  1. How old do kids have to be to climb at Pacific Edge? 6 years old is the minimum age. The bouldering area can be a dangerous place for small children. We encourage parents to go into the bouldering area and spot their child if they are under the age of 10.

  2. Children 6 years old must be in immediate contact (arm's reach) with their parent or an adult supervisor at all times, even while attending a class at Pacific Edge. Pacific Edge requires one-on-one adult supervision for every 6 year old. Between ages 7 and 9 the adult ratio needs to be one adult for every two children.

  3. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the climbing areas (on the mats). If you are bringing your child to a class or Birthday Party at Pacific Edge, please consider not bringing younger siblings as this often creates problems.

  4. Parents are required to stay at Pacific Edge while their child is climbing, if the child is 8 years old or younger.

  5. Children under the age of 11 are not permitted to climb at Pacific Edge after 7 PM (Members excepted). This is prime time for adults.