General Information

Do I have to be a member to climb in the gym?

No, while members receive the best daily use price and benefits, we have a range of options for use of the gym. Options include day passes, special classes, 5 and 10 punch cards, trial months, and month passes.

How do I get started climbing in the gym?

If you have had little or no prior climbing experience, the best way to get started on our walls (for ages 12 and up) is to take a Basic Safety class. You can also try climbing on our boulder first, before taking the class to get on the top ropes. No partner is necessary for bouldering; you will need a partner to swap belays with for the top ropes.

Do I need a partner to climb at the gym? How can I find a climbing partner?

To use the boulder, no, to climb the top ropes or lead, yes. We do not supply on-call belayers. If you come in without a partner, you can sign up on our "looking for a partner" whiteboard, browse through our "partners" binder (for next time), post to the discussion board on our Facebook page or get to know some of the friendly folks out on the floor. You can also ask a staff person at the desk for suggestions of good people to climb with; we know just about everyone who climbs here regularly!

Do you have walls/routes set up with auto-belay or self-belay?

No, we are an "old-school" climbing gym. All of our top rope and lead routes are set up to be climbed with a traditional belay, simulating outdoor climbing as much as is possible in an indoor environment.

Do you supply belayers?

While we do not have on-call belayers available, we do offer a few classes that include belayers. Kid's Climb/People's (adults can take this class with their children) and Rock Stars are prime examples. Outside of class times, your best option is to bring a belayer with you or to take our Basic Safety class and learn how to belay!

Are group discounts offered? For day pass, rentals, or classes?

Yes. For groups of 10 or more climbers (that provide their own belayers), the day pass is 20% off. Shoes, harness, and belay device are $4. There are also discounts on the cost of the Basic Safety class for groups of 6 or more. If you are planning to bring in a group of 20 or more climbers, please contact us in advance.

If you are currently a member of another gym in Norther CA, we offer a discounted day pass rate: $16 per person.

We also offer discounts to non-profit groups that serve at-risk youth (group homes, youth at-risk programs, county mental health, and child advocacy groups). These discounts apply to day passes, gear rental, and Basic Safety classes. Please contact us for specific pricing information and requirements for these groups.


How tall are the walls?

Our tallest walls are 50 feet high. We have a range of climbing terrain, beginning at 11 and 1/2 feet for our lowest boulder, and including short walls in our practice/classroom and our 35 foot slab walls. We can accommodate the height you want to attain!

How often do the routes change?

The top-ropes & boulder routes are stripped and set on a five-week rotation. The lead routes remain up for a longer time period, a three-month rotation, to allow climbers to complete projects.

Do you have gender inclusive locker rooms?

YES! As a policy, Pacific Edge is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community environment for all of our members and guests. All members and guests have access to the bathrooms that are consistent with their gender identity. Pacific Edge’s locker rooms are public changing and showering facilities. To that end, we expect all members of our community to act with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and consideration, towards each other, at all times.

Are towel and/or locker rentals offered?

Yes. Towels rent for $2 each (for use in the showers or saunas) and lockers are $1 a day. Members can add ongoing towel or locker use to their membership for $15 a month for towels and $6 a month for a standard sized locker. You are always welcome to bring in your own towel or lock for day use of a locker. Personal locks must be removed before leaving, as any that are left on overnight will be removed.

Day Passes

Is the first visit free? Can members bring in guests?

If you visit the gym as the guest of a member, your first day pass is free. Gear rental is not included in the day pass, if you needed to rent gear, the regular costs apply. The day pass includes access to the weight room, cardio deck, showers and sauna, climbing areas, and one yoga class if the member has a climbing, climbing plus, or full fitness membership. Weight room members can bring in guests to use the weight room, cardio deck, and showers and sauna only. People with a trial month pass, fitness trial month pass, four month pass, or 6 week climbing class pass can bring first time guests for use of the weight room, cardio deck, showers and sauna, and climbing areas. If you are not the guest of a member or person who has one of the above passes, your first visit would cost the regular day pass price.

Is there an hourly rate?

No, the smallest increment of use is our day pass. (You can come and go within the day) We do offer a discounted price for the last hour and a half of every day: half-off on day passes and gear rental (shoes, harness, and belay device). The half-off time begins at 9:30pm Monday through Thursday, 8:30pm on Friday, and 7:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a different day pass price if I am just bouldering?

No, a day pass costs the same whether you are top roping, leading, or just bouldering. The only difference in day pass cost occurs for people using the weight room/cardio deck only.

Do you have a student rate?

Every Friday is our local Institution(s) of higher learning day. Active students, faculty, and/or staff of local universities/colleges all receive discounted day passes: $3 off the regular day rate. The gear rental package (shoes, harness, and belay device) is additional.

Additional local college discount: All regular Basic Safety classes are $21 (regularly $32). Valid student/staff ID required to take advantage of discounts (NO EXCEPTIONS).

We also offer students a discount on start-up fees when purchasing membership but do not have any other student rates.

Is there a discounted rate on admission at the end of the day?

Yes, the last hour and a half of every day is half-off on day passes and gear rental (shoes, harness, and belay device). The half-off time begins at 9:30pm Monday through Thursday, 8:30pm on Friday, and 7:30pm Saturday and Sunday.


Belaying and Leading

What is belaying?

Technically, belaying is the process of rope management through friction. It is how a person standing on the ground is able to keep a climber safe on a rope. The belayer has the climber's life in his or her hands, literally, by taking in or giving out rope as needed and always being prepared to catch a fall by "braking" the rope. Because we regard belaying as a life saving skill, we devote a minimum of two hours to teaching this and the other basics of climbing.

Do you supply belayers?

While we do not have on-call belayers available, we do offer a few children's classes that include belayers. Kid's Climb and Rock Stars are prime examples. Outside of class times, your best option is to bring a belayer with you or to take our Basic Safety class and learn how to belay!

Is there a price to take the belay test? Do I need to make an appointment to take the test?

No, there is no cost to take our belay test and no appointment is necessary. The test usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes, sometimes longer if the desk is particularly busy, and can be taken anytime during business hours.

Do I need to take the belay test if I have a belay card from another gym?

Yes. We are not an affiliate of any of the regional gyms, being one of a kind. While a belay card from one of those gyms is good at other gyms in their franchise, it is not valid at gyms outside of the franchise. Because of our commitment to safety, we require each belayer to test with us personally before getting on the ropes.

How do I become certified to lead in the gym?

In order to climb in the lead cave, you will need to take our lead test. You need to bring in your own UIAA certified rope, have a partner to test with, and be able to lead a 5.10a route. Additionally, you must have a minimum of 10 days experience leading and have led at least one 5.10 climb outside of Pacific Edge. If you have completed our 2-day, 6-hour Lead Climbing class, you may take the test without completing the minimum experience requirements. Once you have passed your test, we require leaders to wear their lead cards on their harnesses.

Is there a separate test to become a lead belayer?

Yes. You need to bring in a UIAA certified rope, have a leader to test with, and have lead belayed outside of Pacific Edge before taking the test. A minimum of 10 days regular belay experience is also required. If you have completed our Free Lead Belay clinic, you may take the test without having previously belayed someone outside of the gym.


Climbing Gear

Do you sell used gear?

In general, we do not recommend that anyone buy their safety gear used. You do not know the history of the gear and, therefore, have no guarantee of its safety. Because they are not a safety item, we do sell our old rental shoes (and shoes donated by members) and contribute the proceeds to our children's climbing scholarship fund.

We also have a "Member's Exchange" bulletin board where people post flyers advertising their used gear for sale. Anyone is welcome to check out the bulletin board postings, again with the above caution regarding safety gear.

Can I rent your gear for climbing outside?

We do not rent our gear for use outside the gym. If you are going on one of our guided outdoor climbing trips, gear rental is possible. Otherwise, you may want to contact REI or the UCSC Recreation Department and inquire about their rentals.



Are free rentals (of gear) included with membership?

When you sign up for full membership (a minimum of 6 months), your first month's rentals of the essential gear are free. Essential gear is defined as a harness, climbing shoes, and belay device/carabiner. After the first month, members can rental the above gear items at $5 for all three or $4 for shoes, $1 for the harness, and $1 for the belay device, individually. Chalk bags are not considered essential gear items and rent for $2 a day.

Do you offer membership discounts?

Yes. We offer a corporate/company group rate on membership. With a minimum of 4 company members, each member receives a $10 discount (per month) off of our regular monthly rate and a $30 discount on the start-up fee.

We also offer industry rate memberships to employees working in the outdoor business and/or within the Seabright Cannery buildings. Please contact us for information on Industry Memberships.

Can I put my membership on hold? How?

Memberships (not passes) can be "frozen" for at least a month (30 day min) at a cost of $6 per month. The suggested maximum freeze time is 4 months. Members can put their membership on hold by following the Membership & Pricing link, at the top of the page, and submitting the Freeze Request Form. When your ready to come back to the gym please return to the website and submit the Thaw Requst online. Both forms may also be submitted in person, at the front desk.

Can I climb or use the gym while my membership is frozen?

Yes, the cost of a day pass for a frozen member is $14 for general use and $7 for weight room/cardio only. Make sure to inform the desk staff that you are a frozen member purchasing a day pass to receive this discount.

Can a family membership include more than 2 adults? What is the cost for children?

The standard family membership begins with two adults (ages 12 years and older) and can include more adults and/or additional children (ages 6-11 years). Please call or drop-in to have a membership price quote designed for your family needs.

What constitutes a "family”?

Any two adults (ages 12 years and older), one of whom takes responsibility for the entire group billing, can sign-up as a family. All family members must have the same type of billing, either monthly or pre-pay. For "family" accounts where the members are not actual family members, the maximum number of people on the account is four members.

Do all members of a family account need to have the same type of membership?

No, one member can be a weight room member while another can be a climbing plus member, for example. There are a variety of factors in calculating fees for combined memberships; please call or drop-in to have a membership price quote designed for your family needs.



Why is your minimum climbing age 6 years old?

Pacific Edge is not designed to accommodate small/young children. Many areas of the gym are unsafe for and/or unreachable by children aged 0-5 years, even with parental supervision. We recognize that small/young children often are natural climbers; we simply do not have a safe area for them to explore this skill.

How can I get my kids climbing?

The best way to get children aged 6-12 years old on our walls is to register them for a Kid's Belay class. Offered four times a week, these 2-hour sessions are a great way to introduce kids to climbing under the supervision of our qualified belay staff. Reservations are highly recommended as the classes often fill up.

Beyond Kid's Belay, we offer a range of climbing camps and after-school programs, from beginner to advanced, as well as the Youth Climbing League every winter. Parents can also learn to belay and get their own kids climbing with a Child's Month Pass.

Are birthday packages offered?

Yes, we schedule birthday groups year-round, Tuesday through Sunday. The package includes two hours of climbing, belayers, essential gear rentals, and use of the birthday room. A $70 deposit is required to make a reservation. More information on birthday parties can be found under the "pricing" tab.