Membership Thaw Request Form

Please Read Carefully:

Memberships must be frozen a minimum of 30 days. If you have not been frozen for at least 30 day, please call us or stop by the front desk so a manager can discuss possible options.

Pre-Pay (PIF) Memberships: If you pre-pay for 6 or 12 month at time, your account has been acruing a $6 Freeze Fee charge for each 30 day period (e.g. gone for 90 = $18). Once we receive your thaw request, we will thaw your account and we will extend your expiration date based on the number of membership days remaining on your membership at the time it was frozen.

You are responsible for paying your freeze fees on your next visit. Don't worry if you forget, we might just give you a friendly and kind reminder when you check-in.

Monthly Billing Memberships: Members who are on a monthly billing contract will carry any remaining days from the previous month that were unused after you froze and will then be applied when your account is thawed and prorated (e.g. Freeze on the 15th = 15 days of credit or Freeze on the 27th = 3 days of Credit). In the event of credit, excess membership dues will be applied to the next billing cycle and your rate for that month will be reduced accordingly. If no credit is available cover the membership gap until the monthly billing cycle, prorated membership dues will be charged at the time of your thaw request is processed.


Membership Thaw Request Form

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