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Pacific Edge offers the largest selection of Climbing Gear in the Monterrey Bay Area. Staffed by experienced climbers dedicated to providing quality service. Choose from our large selection of Climbing & Approach Shoes, Harnesses, Ropes, Carabiners, Cams, Packs, Pitons or Bouldering Pads from the likes of Black Diamond, Petzl, Metolius, Sterling, Mammut, DMM & Mist Mountain.

OPEN till 11:00 PM M-TH, 10:00PM Fridays & 9:00pm Weekends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell used gear?
A: In general, we do not recommend that anyone buy their safety gear used. You do not know the history of the gear and, therefore, have no guarantee of its safety. Because they are not a safety item, we do sell our old rental shoes (and shoes donated by members) and contribute the proceeds to our children’s climbing scholarship fund.

We also have a “Member’s Exchange” bulletin board where people post flyers advertising their used gear for sale. Anyone is welcome to check out the bulletin board postings, again with the above caution regarding safety gear.

Q: Can I rent your gear for climbing outside?
A: We do not rent our gear for use outside the gym. If you are going on one of our guided outdoor climbing trips, gear rental is possible. Otherwise, you may want to contact REI or the UCSC Recreation Department and inquire about their rentals.

You are welcome to call us or email if you have a question.


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