Membership Freeze Request Form

Please Read Carefully Terms & Conditions:

The minimum amount of time you can put your account on hold (i.e. Freezing) is 30 days. All freezes take effect on the day which you indicate. This date can be any date of the month. If you are on a monthly auto billing, the next billing cycle (the first day of next month), and subsequent months while you are frozen, will be reduced to $6. You will receive credit for any unused portion of the month you paid for prior to your freeze. The pro-rated credit will carry over when you thaw your account, but depending on when you return to the gym you might owe us a small amount of money.

If you are on 6 month or one year paid in full (PIF) contract, you will be expected to pay $6 for each 30 day period you are frozen. When you return to thaw your membership we will collect payment for your freeze fees. We will then extend your PIF expiration date by the number of months and days you were frozen.

When you are ready to thaw your account, please fill out the form below and select the “Thaw” button. Please be sure to let us know the date you would like to return to the gym. We will follow-up with you in person at the gym to collect any additional fees or issue you a refund. Finally, the minimum term for all Pacific Edge memberships is 6 months. Your Pacific Edge membership can be canceled at any time AFTER 6 months of active membership, given 30 days written notice. Months that you are frozen DO NOT count towards your initial 6 month commitment. It is advisable to call us (831-454-9254) and review your account before you proceed with this request.

You may use this form to freeze/thaw your membership according to the above terms & conditions. Please fill in ALL fields, set the effective date you wish to freeze/thaw, and submit the form. Be sure to print a copy of the confirmation page and keep it for your records. You will receive verification when your freeze/thaw request has been successfully submitted. To avoid errors, you must verify that we have adjusted billing your account correctly after the next billing cycle has passed (the first day of next month).


Membership Freeze Request Form

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