Pacific Edge’s Yoga studio offers a selection of diverse classes each week to keep you stretched out & relaxed. Our highly skilled instructors are dedicated to creating classes sequenced to assist you in meeting your climbing and fitness goals.

Our state-of-the-art “Yoga Studio” features the Great Yoga Wall system which provides therapeutic support for yoga poses through the use of swings, straps & bars. The room is climate controlled with the full complement of heating, fans, windows, and beautifully finished with bamboo flooring. PE’s yoga program offers a variety of options including: Iyengar, Vinyasa, Acro and Hatha Yoga, Core Conditioning, plus workshops & series classes.

Yoga & Studio Class Pricing

$15 Drop-in
$135 10-Class Card
Free to Members*

Adjustment Policy

In order to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive community, Pacific Edge offers yoga students the option to discretely choose whether or not they would like hands on adjustments during class. Got Questions? Ask a staff member or yoga instructor.

Yoga Instructors

Dawn Hayes

Dawn Hayes

Honora Bacon

Honora Bacon

Gabriel Benjamin

Gabriel Benjamin

Indiana Maxon

Indiana Maxon

Sam Van Auker

Sam Van Auker

Sandy Thorpe

Sandy Thorpe

Julia Sinn

Julia Sinn

Anna Adamski

Anna Adamski

Indeera Johnn

Indeera Johnn


Beginners and experienced practitioners
are welcome in all classes.

Class Descriptions

Alignment Yoga

This practice emphasizes a set of Universal Principles of Alignment which underlie all of the physical asanas and are connected to philosophical aspects of the practice.

Climber's Flow

This empowering class begins with a brief check-in, breathing, grounding, and off we go. Throughout the class there are some twists and turns. You may even find yourself upside down half way through. This is a practice to playfully challenge any yogi(ni) in mind, body, and spirit. The pace depends upon the day, mood, and attendance. You will be sure to encounter arm-balances, inversions, and balancing postures. After our cool-down and Savasana, we spend the last few minutes in silent meditation. Arrive with an open mind and an open heart as we embark on a fun, upbeat flow together.

Core Conditioning

Core Conditioning is a full body workout that goes beyond ‘crunches’ to strengthen your core and boost your climb. Maximizing trunk strength from all angles improves your stability and strength. A strong core helps your posture and balance and reduces back and neck pain. This class is challenging and fun, and is open to a variety of fitness levels.

Core Flow

This is a flow style class, integrating a variety of core and back strengthening postures, breath focus, generally linked together with sun-salutations to build and maintain heat. Come ready to work and play and challenge your edge. All levels welcome!

Early Morning Flow

Early Morning Flow is designed to wake you up and prepare you, body and mind, for your day! Combines elements of strengthening, toning and stretching in an alignment based flow to build heat, increase circulation and create energetic awareness. Alternative to or enjoyed with a cup of morning coffee ;)

Elemental Prana Flow

Elemental Prana Flow is a mix of two amazing arts, combining our breathe, dynamic moments, and the elements of nature. Each element has its own properties and when we devote our practice to them we start to understand sides of ourselves we may have been ignoring. Earth is our physical form, our wisdom and creation and with it we find our structure, our foundation. Fire is our spirit, our purification, the heat to burn impurities in the mind and body. Water is the sweet cooling love and trust, finding our emotions and learning what we wish to let go of and hold on to, finding how to surrender to flow. Air is the power, its our allowance, our mental activity and focus, its the spaciousness that we wish to create. It's a system to help build personal growth and understanding with out judgments. Getting to know your mind, body, and spirit in a different way.

Flow and Form

his replenishing yoga class strikes a balance of Sthira & Sukham (effort & ease). It is inspired by classical yoga, alignment & anatomical study, breath-based flow, functional movement, and somatic practices. You will explore and experiment with yoga props as a way to offer feedback, support, and nourishment to your body. You will begin with supported sliding and gliding movements that build into some combination of standing poses, seated postures, supported arm balances, and inversions for all levels. You will frequently use the wall, wall ropes, and yoga chairs to approach the yoga poses in unique ways.

Flow, Form, and Fire

This dynamic class begins with a series of supine movements that tend the fires of attention and awareness. It offers a unique combination of sliding and gliding, vinyasa flow, alignment instruction, functional movement, and prop involved explorations. The heat will build as you explore surya namaskar (sun salutations) and asanas (postures) with resistance, traction, and glide to challenge your foundation and ask more of your internal strength. A full spectrum of standing poses, seated postures, arm balances, and inversions for all levels will allow you to move in a variety of ways. You will use props in a way that creates resistance and asks you to activate and explore.

Gentle Yoga

Step foot onto your mat and prepare yourself for rejuvenation. A great class pre or post-climb, Gentle Yoga provides a slow pace warm-up and deep stretch. Expect mostly seated, reclined, twisting, or prone postures with a few standing postures to prepare for deeper stretches towards the end of class. Here is a wonderful cross-training opportunity to clear your mind and relax your body. The intention for Gentle Yoga is for each student to feel mentally and physically restored, and to connect more deeply to one’s self through honesty, awareness, and intuition. After Savasana, we will spend the last few minutes of practice in silent meditation together.

Kaiut Yoga for joint mobility

GIVE YOUR JOINTS The Love They Need. Kaiut Yoga focuses on the joints, as opposed to stretching muscles.This allows us to get to the root causes and work through immobility, injuries, stiffness and general aches and pains. The slower paced, simple poses, create a gentle pressure in the joints and when released flushes the joint increasing circulation and mobility. Most poses are lying down or sitting using gravity to stabilize the pose, which creates a sense of safety for the brain, nervous system and spine. Accessible to everyone regardless of flexibility, age or experience. For anyone seeking to take greater charge of your health, optimize your fitness and sport, feel better as you age, and live a more balanced approach to life.


First we activate the energy in the body, warm it up. Once warm we stretch the body out to release tension in the muscles. Energy is stored in the muscles as tension, once released and circulating it's much easier to drop into the flow, beginning to move slowly with relaxation. QiGong is a practice of working with energy, a moving meditation. When we slow the body down the mind slows increasing your focus, emotional awareness, and natural ability to heal the body.

Vinyasa Yoga

A well paced practice with lots of energetic movement and strengthening holds! Students will wind down with soft seated poses and a long reclined meditation. Some weeks will include Prana Yama, and visualization meditation. Six months yoga experience recommended.

Yoga for Climbers and Atheletes

To be a great climber you must have both strength and flexibility. The focus of this class is to stretch your overworked arms and wrists while strengthening your core and legs for full body integration in your workouts. Yoga For Climbers and Athletes boosts your climbing performance and helps prevent injury. Great class for beginners or those who haven’t tried yoga before. Come join us!

Yoga Flow

Deepen your body, mind, spirit awareness through a fluid movement practice. Be ready to work at your edge. Honoring your body with a desire for challenge. Focus may range from precise alignment instruction, life embracing viewpoints and or specific themes.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga blends active dynamic warming postures with more still static passive postures. We will move through fluid breath based sequences to heat and strengthen your body as well as spend ample time in seated and supine poses that invite you to slow, calm and cool down, and work with the connective tissues. A sweet way to end your day and relax into the night.

Sun moon Yoga

Sun/Moon Yoga is a Hatha Flow class that emphasizes strength and alignment during the first half of class and deep restoration during the second half. Once the body is awakened in all directions we shift to releasing tension in the mind and nervous system by using long holds in prop supported postures and reclined positions. Pranayama and meditation may be included on certain weeks for full mind/body integration. This class helps you transition from an active day to a restful night’s sleep and is open to everyone.

*number of free yoga classes subject to membership level - see our membership page for more info