Dawn began to study yoga in 2001 and began teaching in 2005. Many people have inspired and encouraged Dawn in her path to teach, but she thinks Tias Little, Gabriel Halpern, and Christina Sell have had the strongest influence on her as a student and teacher. She values their guidance and support of her and continues to dive deep in practice at their encouragement. It is this same relationship and attitude that she aspires to provide her students.

Dawn’s classes emphasizes breathing, balance, and grounding as keys to unlocking basic and advanced postures. The breath is always a foundation that we move from, and the mechanics or actions of a pose will build from the breath. Some classes will find more steadiness and holding of poses to build strength and stamina. Other classes will find more flow as grace and breath meet in the practice. Expect to build up to new things and break down a pose or two each class.

Exploring different variations and prop set-ups in the same poses help to reveal the many layers of each asana. You will find that there are many props available and sometimes you'll use all of them! There are countless creative ways to use blocks, straps, and blankets, as well as the more exotic chairs, sandbags, and wall-ropes.

Dawn finds that contemplative practice is an important part of her daily practice and her classes. Yoga practice is not limited to asana alone, and taking time for contemplation and meditation is important in our fast-paced and connected world.

For more information about Dawn and her classes, workshops, and retreats please visit www.dawnhayesyoga.com

Caitlin Binder

Caitlin Binder has been practicing yoga and acroyoga for over 6 years. A recent addition to AcroYoga’s JAMbassador program, Caitlin’s excited to build the Santa Cruz acro community in a playful, safe, and supportive environment. She regularly attends intensive trainings to learn and share the latest acro tricks. Caitlin is also a certified Warrior Yoga instructor and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt. When she’s not doing acro, Caitlin can be found at UC Santa Cruz teaching organic chemistry where she's trying to earn her reputation as the “Acro Chemist.”

Gabriel Benjamin

Gabriel Benjamin is a second generation instructor in the TriYoga(R) Lineage and has been instructing since 2001. Gabriel holds five certifications in Yoga and Ayurveda and has been both a student and teacher at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. His practices are known for being the perfect blend of challenge and relaxation, leaving the students feeling educated, nourished, and balanced. Gabriel leads workshops and retreats globally and skillfully teaches Flow, Form & Alignment, Yoga for Athletes, and Restorative Yin Yoga. Students will get in touch with their breath and be encouraged to learn from their own practice as well as Gabriel's instruction to experience the most powerful outcome. Gabriel is a long time cyclist, writer, vegetarian chef, and a master of inversions~ He is forever grateful to his mother and first teacher, Martha Posey.




Krystal began her yoga practice in 2013, and without knowing it, set her first intentions: balance and grace. In the following year, she practiced under the supervision of Ayurvedic Yoga Practitioner Lulu Peelle which freed her from the pains of disordered eating. After her profound personal experience through receiving personalized yoga instruction, Krystal perused her RYT200 certification in August 2015 from the Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, California under Master Teacher Flossie Park.  
Today, Krystal shares her sense of humor and personal experience coupled with a straight-forward teaching approach in her classes which focus on alignments, well-balanced sequences, and sustained postures. These elements lead to the development of inner-peace and deeper personal awareness. “It’s merely my role as a teacher to facilitate the experience and hold space for each student along their path to finding the innate teacher within them.” Through daily prayer and meditation, Krystal continues to broaden her personal spiritual foundation and practice.

As a life long athlete, the need to move fast and work hard came naturally to me. I enjoyed the feeling of my heart beating as I engaged my entire body. Whether I was dancing, swimming, or running- I knew the fasted way to find emotional relief was to move my body.

But overtime my body started to hurt, injuries became frequent, and chronic fatigue set in. I didn't understand what I was doing wrong. I stretched for a few minutes here and there but I consistently began to feel worn down. Eventually I was introduced to Yoga but extremely resistant to the practice; unconvinced of it's benefits and lifestyle. But within the first week I noticed my focus increased and my energy levels shot through the roof. After 3 weeks, I was stronger both physically and mentally, but it was a softer strength than I had previously known. Soon I realized I was healing from the inside out. 

The journey for me has been long and bumpy and I don't expect that to change. But what has changed is my awareness of my experiences. Yoga isn't just about twisting and bending, but rather how you are, you're state of mind, while you twist and bend. Overtime that awareness transforms into what is called Balance. Balance turns into focus, focus into discipline, and discipline is freedom,

As I continue to learn about my talents and how best to express them, I stay consistent with a personal practice to better inform my teaching. No matter what stage of life you're in, what injuries you've encountered, or what beliefs you may have, Yoga has the power to increase the quality of your life. It's my deepest intention to empower students to tap into that intuitive voice by creating a safe space to explore the sensations of being human. Together, we dissolve old patterns and design a new reality that inspires us and the lives of those around us.