To Move Lightly
An Evening with Josie Mckee
Saturday, May 18th

Doors open 7:30pm, Talk from 7:45-10pm


Suggested Donation $20, no one turned away

Presentation, Auction, and Raffle

All proceeds will be donated to the access fund

Through stories and pictures, Josie Mckee—big wall climber and Yosemite veteran—shares her experiences about her solo ascent of the Nose in a single day on the legendary El Capitan. She will be discussing her love of speed ascents, the trauma she has encountered, as well as her expeditions in Patagonia and the Himalayas. Josie will dissect her perspective of the “light and fast” style, and how there is more to consider in moving lightly than just the weight on our backs.

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About Josie

Enlivened by movement, inspired by wild places, and curious to see what's possible, Josie finds herself continuously drawn to the adventure, challenge and presence of mind that only climbing can provide. As a professional climber with over 20 years of experience (starting at Pacific Edge!), Josie has put up first ascents around the globe, holds big wall and alpine speed records and has done expeditions in the US, Patagonia, Mexico and the Himalaya. She has worked on the elite Yosemite National Park Search and Rescue team (YOSAR), guided around the US and internationally, and currently teaches wilderness medicine and climbing workshops nationwide. Through climbing and rescue work, Josie has developed an extensive skill set. Along with her knowledge of technical systems, she has learned to thrive under intense mental and physical stress. Josie’s goal as a member of the climbing community is to inspire and educate others to meet their own physical, mental and technical challenges.

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