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About the Club:

Have you ever jumped off a route or boulder, looked around and noticed that you’re the only person of color around? Have you ever felt imposter syndrome? Have you ever been distracted by any number of political policies that can directly affect you? Come climb with us twice a month and find a supportive and inclusive community for like minded folks. Our goal is to bring climbers of color together and build a safe space while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion!

We welcome all levels of climbing and invite folks of different backgrounds to join us.This is a safe space for climbers and people of color. We have a zero tolerance policy against any and all discrimination.

What to Expect:

6:30 PM - Introductions & Connections

  • Meet in the classroom (we’ll make an announcement)

  • Names, Pronouns, Climbing Experience, Etc.

7 PM - Let’s Get Climbing!

  • Find a partner or two, or three or……head out and climb!

  • Go Boulder, Top Rope, or Lead with old friends and new connections (ALL PE Belay Policies Apply)

About Our Organizer:


Natalie grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, found her way to San Francisco and has been living in Santa Cruz for two years. She found climbing in 2012 and was immediately hooked. She has been climbing on and off since then but always finds a way back during the fall. Depending on the day, her favorite types of climbing include bouldering, sport climbing, and long mellow sport multi-pitches. Her passions outside of climbing include, Raptors (like the birds), running, back-packing, reading, caring for her plants and doggo named Monty. Natalie has a great love for community and thrives to bring inclusivity into any space she is in. Nat believes that representation matters and wants to see more diversity, more perspectives, and more conversations about our histories and those of the ancestral lands we work, inhabit, and play on.

Natalie would love to hear from you! Any questions, comments, and concerns?

Feel free to contact Natalie directly at

Note: you are also welcome to contact Mike Kittredge,
Pacific Edge Co-General Manager, as well


Community and Inclusion at PE:

Pacific Edge is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community environment for all of our members and guests. We expect all members of our community to act with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and consideration, towards each other, at all times.

Pacific Edge recently signed on to the Outdoor Diversity Pledge and we are committed to doing our part in helping diversify the outdoor industry.