Climber Profile: Kristin Machnick

8 for 80 Project

“I am a 79 year old badass climber doing 8 major ice and rock routes in different mountain ranges, raising $100,000 for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease research by end of winter 2019 when I will be 80!”   
These trips are self-funded with 100% of the funds raised going directly to research for Parkinson’s disease!

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The 8 for 80 Project was designed to accomplish three things:

1) Celebrating life by climbing 8 major ice and rock routes (self funded) in different mountain ranges around the world by end of winter 2019 when I will be 80 years old

2) inspire people at any age, to take action for their own physical and mental well being

3) fundraising $100,000each for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease research.

In 2012 one of my brothers died with Parkinson’s disease and now my youngest sister has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Also, during the last year I have lost several friends to Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to me, personally, to find a cure for these devastating, fatal brain diseases.  Funding for research matters!

What I have done so Far

Four of the eight climbs have been completed: Two ice climbs, one in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and the second in the Keystone Canyon in Valdez, Alaska; and two rock climbs in Norway north of the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten archipelago. 

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About Kristin

I was born in Norway in 1939, at 63 degrees north in the dead of winter.  The small town of Kristiansund N., where I grew up, was practically destroyed during the Second World War.  I am the oldest of six siblings, three brothers and three sisters.  For as long as I can remember I have been interested in exploring the world!  I left Norway in 1959 when I was 20 years old to start my  journey.  In the 59 year period since then, I have lived a life of exploration and adventure.   Composing my life is a work in progress.

I currently live by the ocean in Santa Cruz with my husband Joe and Standard Poodle, Balder.  Our daughter Tanya and granddaughter Simone live close by.  Our entire family enjoy exploring the beauty of nature and the physical challenge of ocean and mountain activities including:  surfing, swimming, running, trekking, skiing and climbing.

I started technical climbing at the age of 64, a couple of years after my retirement from the City of Santa Clara, in Silicon Valley, where I was the Director of Finance for the City and the Public Utilities.  In the spring of 2003 I was very fortunate to be referred to Lou Renner, a world class alpinist and guide living in Santa Cruz. Since then for almost 15 years, I have been ice and rock climbing in the U.S., France, Norway, Iceland and Scotland with Lou, Chicks Climbing and Skiing, other guides and friends.


Connect with Kristin

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